Configuring Cohu 3960HD series units - Security Center 5.7 SR3

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR3

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Security Center 5.7 SR3
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Multicast streaming in H.264 for a Cohu 3960HD unit is not currently supported. As a workaround, you must set the unit's connection type to Unicast UDP. However, your network capabilties must be set to multicast.

Before you begin

In Config Tool, open the Network view task and set the your network Capabilities to Multicast.


  1. From the Video task in Config Tool, select the Cohu camera to configure.
  2. Click the Video tab and under Network settings, select Unicast UDP as the Connection type.
  3. Click Apply.
    NOTE: Firmware upgrades for a Cohu 3960HD unit cannot be performed in Security Center, you must use the unit's web page.