Enabling watermarking for Vivotek FE8171V units - Security Center 5.7 SR3

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR3

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Security Center 5.7 SR3
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To view and dewarp video images in Security Desk from Vivotek FE8171V units, you must manually enable watermarking on the unit.

What you should know

For all Vivotek fish-eye camera lenses, watermarking must be enabled for dewarping to work. For Vivotek units that are supported by the Genetec™ Protocol, watermarking is enabled by default. However, Vivotek FE8171V units are not supported by the Genetec™ Protocol, so you must manually enable watermarking.


To enable watermarking for a Vivotek FE8171V unit:

Type the following URL in a web browser: http://<IP Address>/cgi-bin/admin/setparam.cgi?videoin_c0_enablewatermark=1.

After you finish

Configure your Vivotek fish-eye camera lens.