Enabling simple focus for Hanwha Techwin units - Security Center 5.7 SR5

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide 5.7 SR5

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Security Center 5.7 SR5
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To enable non-PTZ Hanwha Techwin cameras to make a one-shot auto focus, the Hanwha Techwin units can be configured for simple focus.


  1. Open Config Tool and log on.
  2. Click Video Task > add a video unit .
  3. In the Manual add window, from the Manufacturer drop-down list, select Hanwha Techwin, and from the Product type list, select All (Without PTZ), and then add all other required information.
  4. In Security Desk, click Tasks > Monitoring.
  5. Right-click a tile and select Camera > Command > SimpleFocus.
    NOTE: If the command does not display even though the camera model supports simple focus, you can verify that SimpleFocus is enabled by entering the following command in a web browser: http://<Camera IP>/stw-cgi/image.cgi?msubmenu=camera&action=view
    1. If SimpleFocus is equal to False, change it to True by entering http:// <Camera IP>//stw-cgi/image.cgi?msubmenu=camera&action=set&SimpleFocus=True
    2. If the command is accepted, you will receive the message OK.
    3. In Security Center click Task > Video.
    4. Right-click on Archiver and then select Unit > Reconnect.
    5. In Security Center, wait for the camera to come back online, select the tile, and then click Refresh to see if the command displays.