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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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Vidcie body wearable cameras are connected to a Vidcie server. You use the Unit enrollment tool to connect to the Vidcie server to get the list of cameras to add to your Security Center system.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have a Vidcie server set up, and that Vidcie cameras are added to it. For more information, see your Vidcie documentation.
  • Buy and install a trusted SSL certificate authority, or create a self-signed certificate for the Vidcie server. If you’re using a self-signed certificate, you must configure any client machines that run the Archiver and Config Tool to trust the certificate. For more information on creating and trusting a self-signed certificate, see your Microsoft documentation.


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, click Tools > Unit enrollment tool.
  2. In the Unit enrollment window, click the Settings and Manufacturers () icon.
  3. Click Add manufacturer () and select Vidcie.
  4. When Vidcie is added to the list of manufacturers, select it and click Configure manufacturer ().
  5. Beside Service URI, enter the IP Address of the Vidcie server.
    Best Practice: Type https:// before the IP address to specify that you want to use SSL.
  6. Enter a Username and Password.
    The user must have the privileges to access cameras on Vidcie server.
  7. Click Save.
  8. In the Unit enrollment dialog box, click Start discovery.
  9. From the list of discovered units, add the desired cameras.
    NOTE: Only units that are online can be added to Security Center. Check to see that the unit is online on the Vidcie server before you try to add it to Security Center.