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Password update is a Security Center feature that lets you change video unit passwords in Config Tool and apply them to the units through their respective Archiver roles.

For more information about this feature, see Unit password management.
The following manufacturers and models support this feature:
H3 and H4 series.
All units with firmware 6.50 or later.
All units with firmware 6.30 or later.
The following series are supported:
  • All X-Series (all firmwares)
  • All PNx-Series (firmwares 1.01 and later)
  • All SPE-xx10 (all firmwares), excluding SPE-100, SPE-400, SPE-101
  • All Q-Series (all firmwares), excluding QNO-6010R, QNO-6020R, QNO-6030R, QND-6010R, QND-6020R, QND-6030R, QNV-6010R, QNV-6020R, QNV-6030R, QNE-6080RV, QNE-7080RV
  • All L-Series (all firmwares)
  • All TNx Series (all firmwares) excluding TNU-6320
NOTE: Security Center returns an error for a Hanwha unit if the password does not respect the character sequence and repetition policy of the unit.
Profile S compatible.

The availability of password updates depends on the manufacturer's implementation. Before you apply any password updates automatically, we recommend testing the password update feature on a unit that you can access physically.

Sarix Next Generation and P2xxx cameras.

You must create an ONVIF user before adding the camera to Security Center. By default, Pelco cameras do not have ONVIF users, so password updates do not work if you add the Pelco units anonymously to Security Center.