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If your system includes fixed automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras or patrol vehicles running Genetec Patrollerâ„¢ software, you can use Security Center Web Client to monitor live hotlist hits from a web browser.

The Live hit monitoring task window is divided into two panes to monitor and view details of a live hit. The following image illustrates how the live hotlist hits are displayed in the Live hit monitoring task.


Live hits feed

The Live hits feed pane displays all the hotlist hits raised in real-time by any ALPR unit in your system. For each hit, the pane displays fundamental information about the hit such as license plate number, hotlist name, and name of the ALPR unit that raised the hit. Using filters such as Hotlists and Units, you can customize the pane to display hits raised against specific hotlists or raised by specific ALPR units.


The Preview pane displays additional details about an individual hit including hotlist category, vehicle type and vehicle make. Additionally, you can investigate a specific hit by selecting the hit on the Live hits feed pane.
NOTE: In the previous example, hits from the "Wanted" hotlist have a green title bar. Advanced hotlist settings such as the color associated with each hotlist are defined by your system administrator
Limitation: Consider the following when monitoring live hits:
  • The task can be used to monitor only hotlist hits.
  • To display live hotlist hits, the task window must be open.
  • If you navigate to another Web Client task on the same workstation, any pinned hit and filter selections configured in the Live hit monitoring task are no longer maintained.