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Security Center Web Client Quick Start Guide 5.12

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Using the Live hit monitoring task in Security Center Web Client, you can monitor all live hotlist hits raised by the ALPR units in your system.

Before you begin

To monitor live hotlist hits, the Live hit monitoring privilege must be enabled by your system administrator.

What you should know

In addition to monitoring live hotlist hits, you can also view additional details of a specific hit on the Preview pane.


To monitor live hotlist hits in Web Client:

  1. Log on to Web Client.
  2. From the main menu, select the Live hit monitoring task.
    NOTE: The preview pane displays the details of the latest hit received until you select a specific hit from the live feeds pane.
    The left pane displays the live hits feed and the right pane displays the preview of a single hit.

  3. (Optional) Filter the incoming hits as required:
    1. To view hits against specific hotlists: From the Hotlists menu, select the required hotlists.
    2. To monitor specific LPR units: From the Units menu, select the required LPR units.
    NOTE: Filter selections only apply on any new hit received.
  4. (Optional) To play a sound on hit: Click and select the Play sound on hit box.
    NOTE: The Play sound on hit box is selected by default.

To investigate a specific live hit in Web Client:

  1. Select a specific hit in one of the following ways:
    • On the live feeds pane, click the required hit.
    • On the preview pane, click the colored bar.
    NOTE: To deselect a specific hit, click the Pin icon () in the colored bar on the preview pane of the hit.
  2. (Optional) In the preview pane, you can do any of the following as required:
    1. To view analytics: Scroll to the bottom of the preview pane.
    2. To view high resolution image: Click the image displayed in the preview pane.
      NOTE: To dismiss the pop up window, click anywhere on your screen.