What do I do when I cannot view video in Web Client? - Security Center 5.12

Security Center Web Client Quick Start Guide 5.12

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Answer: To view video in Security Center Web Client, a Media Gateway role must run on the same Security Center server that hosts the Web Client Server role. To help you troubleshoot this issue, learn about the potential causes and solutions.

Answer the following questions.

Step Question Description Answer
1 Is there a Media Gateway role on the same server that hosts the Web Client Server role? The Media Gateway role must be available on your Security Center system to be able to stream video.
  • Yes: Go to the next step
  • No: Create the Media Gateway role.
2 Is the Media Gateway role offline? To check this, open Config Tool and then click System > Roles. If the Media Gateway role is offline, it appears in red.
  • Yes: Try to deactivate the Media Gateway role, and then activate it again.
3 Are you using a Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browser and seeing the message "Stream connection lost"? If you are using Firefox or Edge, and have an invalid certificate, then the Media Gateway REST ports must be the same as the Web Client Server ports. Yes: Do one of the following.
  • Install a valid certificate on the Web Client Server and on your workstation.
  • Change the port settings on the Media Gateway role (in the REST section) and the Web Client Server role to match; the defaults are port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS.