Does Web Client 5.8 work with Security Center Mobile 4.x? - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Web Client Quick Start Guide 5.8

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Answer: Web Client 5.8 is independent from Security Center Mobile 4.x.

The legacy Security Center Mobile 4.x solution is not supported in Security Center 5.8. If you still have Security Center Mobile 4.x with Security Center version 5.7 or earlier, the following scenarios apply:
  • Security Center Web Client 5.8 and Web Client 4.x applications can run on the same computer but they do not interact. Web Client 5.8 is hosted by the Web Server role in Security Center. Web Client 4.x is managed by Mobile Server 4.x as part of the Security Center Mobile 4.x solution.
  • Mobile Server 4.x can be on the same computer as the Web Server role, however, Mobile Server 4.x runs independently and cannot connect to the Web Server role.