How to generate reports in Security Desk - Security Center 5.11

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Security Center 5.11
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You an create customized queries about the entities, activities, and events in your Security Center system for investigation or maintenance purposes by generating reports.

The following example shows the basic steps for generating a report, using the Archive storage details task.

1 Set up query filters for the report.
2 Select a date and time. A green LED indicates a valid time range.
NOTE: Depending on the reporting task you are using, this filter might be called Event timestamp or Triggered on.
3 Generate the report. The maximum number of report results you can receive in Security Center is 10,000.
4 Run and save the report directly to a file.
5 Save the results by exporting or printing the report.
6 Analyze the results in a chart view.
7 Query results are listed in the report pane. Double-click a result to view it in the canvas.
8 Respond to results by exporting or protecting important video files.

Watch this video to learn more about generating reports.