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The home page is the main page. You can open the home page by clicking the home tab (). It is also shown if the task list is empty.

The home page in Security Desk

A Home tab
  • Click to show or hide the home page.
  • Right-click for a list of commands (for example, save the workspace, close tasks, and so on).
B Favorites Right-click any task or tool to add or remove it from your Favorites list. You can also drag a task into this list. Tasks listed in your Favorites no longer appear in the Recent items list.
C Task list Shows the tasks you currently have open and are working on in individual tabs.
  • Click a task tab to switch to that task.
  • Right-click a tab for a list of commands.
D Recent items Lists your recently opened tasks and tools.
E Notification tray Displays important information about your system. Hold your mouse pointer over an icon to view system information, or double-click the icon to perform an action.

You can choose which icons you want to have appear in the notification bar in the Visual section of theOptions dialog box.

F List all tasks Click to view a list of all open tasks. This button only appears if the task tabs occupy the entire width of the taskbar.
G Search box Type the name of the task you are looking for. All tasks containing that text in their category, name, or description, are shown.
H Tasks Lists your recent items, favorites, and all the task types that are available to you. Select a task to open from this tab.
I Private tasks, Public tasks Click to view the saved tasks that are available to you.
  • Private tasks. A private task is a saved task that is only visible to the user who created it.
  • Public tasks. A public task is a saved task that can be shared and reused among multiple Security Center users.
J Tools Click to view the tools that you can start directly from your home page. The Tools page is divided into the following two sections:
  • Tools. This section shows the standard Security Center tools.
  • External tools. This section shows the shortcuts to external tools and applications.
K Options Click to configure the options for your application.
L About Click to view information regarding your Security Center software, such as your license, Software Maintenance Agreement, and software version.
M Log off Click to log off without exiting the application.
N Browse all tasks Click to view all the tasks that are available to you. Click a task icon to open the task. If it is a single-instance task, the task opens. If you can have multiple instances of the task, you are asked to type a name for the task.