On-tile video controls - Security Center 5.7

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Security Center 5.7
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When viewing a camera in the canvas, a set of on-tile video controls appear on top of the video image when your mouse pointer hovers over the tile.

You can also hide the on-tile controls from the Options dialog box.

The following figures show the on-tile video controls when viewing live and playback video.

A Go to preset

Only available for PTZ cameras. Commands the PTZ camera to go to the specified preset position.

B Show/hide thumbnail images
C Rewind (reverse playback)
D Pause
E Forward
F The command depends on whether you are viewing live or playback video:
  • Live video: Recording state
  • Playback video: Switch to live video

If the camera is also controlled by an Auxiliary Archiver, you can manually start recording on the Auxiliary Archiver by right-clicking the recording state button, selecting Auxiliary recording, and then clicking the record button () next to the Auxiliary Archiver role name.

NOTE: Various buttons and button colors can be displayed depending on the task you are performing. For more information, see Camera widget.