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SharpOS Administrator Guide 11.5

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SharpOS 11.5
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Use the Exposure Settings section of the Live feed page to enable and disable Auto-exposure, and adjust the exposure settings (Gain and Shutter time) for a Sharp. This enables you to capture brighter or darker images in areas that do not have ideal lighting (such as a parking garage or sunny parking lot).

Setting Description
Auto-Exposure Select this option to have the Sharp automatically adjust the exposure settings using a specified range for changing light conditions. Clear it to disable Auto-exposure and manually adjust the exposure settings using fixed values for constant light conditions (indoor parking).
Auto-Exposure is selected by default and displays the factory default settings until a new configuration is saved.
Reset to default Click to reset the exposure settings back to the factory default settings of the Sharp.
Gain Use this to adjust the overall brightness of your image. If you enable Auto-Exposure, the Gain can vary over a range of values. The minimum value must not exceed the maximum value.
Shutter time Use this to control how long the shutter is open. A longer Shutter time produces a brighter image and a shorter Shutter time produces a darker one. If the Auto-exposure option is enabled, the Shutter time can vary over a range of values.
Cancel Click to cancel any modifications you made.
Save Click to save your changes.