Manually modifying exposure settings - SharpOS 11.5

SharpOS Administrator Guide 11.5

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SharpOS 11.5
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By default, the Sharp is configured to automatically adjust exposure settings for changing light conditions when capturing plates. If the Sharp is installed indoors with fixed lighting conditions, you can disable the auto-exposure on the Live feed page of the portal and manually adjust the exposure settings.

What you should know

  • Any settings that are modified, are applied immediately and can be viewed in the Video feed window.
  • It is recommended to test your settings first with the plates closer to the camera, and then the plates further from the camera. This ensures that your exposure settings will be adequate regardless of whether a car is further or closer to the camera.
  • It is recommended to keep the Gain at a low value. You should start with the Gain at the default value and try to set the exposure using the Shutter time.


  1. Log on to the Sharp portal in Advanced mode.
  2. Click the Live feed tab.
  3. From the Camera drop-down list, select LPR camera from the drop-down list to view its live feed.
    NOTE: On a SharpX you can have more than one camera set, therefore you will see LPR camera 2, LPR camera 3, and so on.
  4. Under Exposure settings, clear the Auto-exposure checkbox.
  5. With the plates closer to the Sharp camera, set the Gain value to the minimum default value and adjust the Shutter time until you are satisfied with the plate image.
  6. With the plates further from the Sharp camera, check to see that the plate is not too dark. If it is, increase the Shutter time.
  7. (Optional) If you reach the maximum possible Shutter time and you are still not satisfied with your plate image, increase the Gain.
    You can click Cancel at any time to cancel your modifications.
  8. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the plate images in the Video feed window, click Save.
  9. (Optional) Click Reset to default to reset the Sharp to use the factory default exposure settings.