Sharp Portal Status page: Properties - SharpOS 11.5

SharpOS Administrator Guide 11.5

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SharpOS 11.5
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In the Properties section of the Sharp Portal Status page, you can view Sharp hardware information. This information is also on the printed adhesive label located under the Sharp visor or on the rear of the LPR Processing Unit (for SharpX).

Setting Description
Name Displays the Sharp unit name.
Serial number Displays the Sharp hardware serial number.
Type Displays the type of Sharp unit (Sharp XGA, SharpX, and so on).
Inputs Displays the number of physical inputs on the SharpX LPR Processing Unit.
Relays Displays the number of physical relay inputs on the SharpX LPR Processing Unit.
Version Displays the date of the SharpOS update package.
GPS Displays whether or not GLS is supported on a Sharp XGA (with attached GPS antenna).
Lens Displays the unit lens depth available for context images and LPR images.
Illuminator Displays the illuminator on the Sharp (for example, 850 mm).