Updating one or more Sharps from Security Center - SharpOS 11.5

SharpOS Administrator Guide 11.5

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SharpOS 11.5
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If your AutoVu™ components are connected to Security Center wirelessly or through a network, you can use the Security Center updater service to push the updates to Patrollers or certain Sharps.

What you should know

  • If you have a fixed installation, the Sharp updates are automatically installed after you push the updates from Security Center.
  • Certain older Sharp models already deployed in the field may need to be upgraded to use the Security Center updater service. For more information on which Sharps need to be upgraded, and how to upgrade them, contact your Genetec representative.


  1. (First time update only) Turn on the updater service and specify the listening port in Security Center Config Tool:
    1. Log on to Security Center Config Tool.
    2. From the Security Center Config Tool Home page, go to LPR > Roles and units, select the LPR Manager that controls the units you want to update, and then click Properties.
    3. Turn on the Update provider and specify the listening port.
      This port number must match the Update provider port specified for Genetec Patroller™ in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
    Security Center creates the Updates folder under the LPR Root Folder on your computer. This is the folder where you will copy the Genetec zip files that contain the updates.
  2. Copy the updates to the LPR Root folder:
    1. From the Security Center Config Tool Home page, go to LPR > General settings > Updates to display all the Genetec Patroller™ and Sharp units on your system.
    2. Click the tab that corresponds to what you want to update:
      • Update services
      • Genetec Patroller™ and Sharp units
      • Firmware upgrade
    3. Move the mouse pointer to the Drop folder of the component you want to update.
      A tool tip appears with the drop folder’s location. If you’re on the computer hosting the LPR Manager role, you can click the Drop folder icon to automatically open the folder. For example, if you have a Genetec Patroller™ hotfix, the default Drop folder location on the LPR Manager computer is C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder\Updates\Patroller\Hotfix\<Current release>.
    4. Copy the update to the Drop folder.
      After copying the zip file into the folder, the file name changes from .zip to .processed. This means that the LPR Manager has unzipped the update, and it is ready to send it to the AutoVu™ components.
  3. Push the updates to AutoVu™ components:
    1. From the Security Center Config Tool Home page, go to LPR > General settings > Updates.
      You’ll see an active Update button next to the component(s) eligible for an update.
    2. Click Update to update individual components, or click Update all to update all eligible components on the list. The time is takes to transfer the updates depends on the connection bandwidth and the size of the update.
      IMPORTANT: When using Security Center to update to SharpOS 11.5, you must update the components in the following order:
      1. Plate Reader
      2. Services
      3. Firmware

        Firmware cannot be updated before the Plate Reader, the firmware update will fail.

    If you have a fixed installation, you’re finished, the update is automatically installed on the associated Sharps. For a mobile installation you need to manually accept the updates for Genetec Patroller™ and the associated Sharps. Continue to the next step.
  4. (Mobile installations only) Manually accept Genetec Patroller™ and mobile Sharp updates.
    1. Start Genetec Patroller™, and log on if required.
    2. In the Genetec Patroller™ notification bar, tap the Update icon ().
      The Update dialog box appears, listing the Genetec Patroller™ updates that are ready to install.
    3. Tap the Genetec Patroller™ icon to start the update.
      Once the update is installed, the Genetec Patroller™ application restarts and the Update icon reappears in the notification bar, indicating there are more updates to install. These updates are for the connected Sharps.
    4. Tap Update ().
      The Update dialog box appears, listing the Sharp updates that are ready to install.
    5. Tap the Sharp icon to start the update.
      The Sharp update is installed on all Sharps connected to Genetec Patroller™, and the Plate Reader software restarts.
      NOTE: While Plate Reader is restarting, a message appears saying that the connection to the Sharp has been lost, and the status button in the Genetec Patroller™ notification bar will turn red. Once Plate Reader restarts, click the status button to acknowledge the error. The button will turn grey again (normal). You can also close and re-open Genetec Patroller™ to remove the error.
    The Genetec Patroller™ and connected Sharps are now updated. In the Security Center Config Tool Updates page, the status for the Genetec Patroller™ unit and its Sharp units changes to Installed.