Updating single Sharps from the Sharp Portal - SharpOS 11.5

SharpOS Administrator Guide 11.5

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SharpOS 11.5
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The Web Updater tool allows you to update your SharpOS using the Sharp Portal. The Web Updater is accessed from the Update option available on the Status page of the portal.

Before you begin

Update files are available from GTAP. Save the self extracting SharpOS_11.x.x.x.exe file on the local machine you are using to log on to the Sharp Portal. The update files are extracted to a folder that is named with following format: SharpOS-version-YearMonthDay. For example, SharpOS-11.5.- 20170801.
  • You must select the correct upgrade file depending on the current SharpOS version running on the Sharp.
  • You must upgrade to SharpOS 11.2 before upgrading to SharpOS 11.3 and later.
Current version Upgrade file
11.0 Sharp_Complete_Update_Package_from_v_11_0_to_11_2.exe
11.1 Sharp_Complete_Update_Package_from_v_11_1_to_11_2.exe

What you should know

  • The Web Updater does not check to see what version is currently installed before performing the update. Therefore, you should check your current SharpOS version and make sure that the one you are about to install is the most recent. The current version of the SharpOS is displayed in the portal under the AutoVu™ logo. You can also click File versions under Actions on the Status page of the portal to see the current version.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal by entering http://<Sharp name or IP address>/portal in your Web browser.
  2. On the Status page under Actions, click Update.
  3. In the Update dialog box, browse to the location of the folder that contains the update .exe files, and click Open.
  4. Click Upload.
    The files are transferred to the Sharp.
  5. Once the transfer is complete, click OK.
    The Update page opens and under Applications you can view which applications will be updated and the versions they will be updated to.
  6. Click Update now to start updating the Sharp.
    The Progress window allows you to monitor the update. Once the upgrade is complete you will receive a message indicating that the upgrade was successful. If the update fails, you will receive a message and an automatic rollback occurs.
    IMPORTANT: Do not close or navigate away from the Update page while the update is being installed.

After you finish

Once the Sharp is updated, you can click Go to Portal and verify that your Sharp has been upgraded. You can check your Sharp file versions by clicking File versions under Actions on the Status page of the portal.