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If the SharpZ3 system includes wheel-imaging cameras connected to an AUX PoE expansion module, then you must associate the right and left wheel-imaging cameras with their respective SharpZ3 camera units.

Before you begin

Connect wheel-imaging cameras to the AUX PoE expansion module.

What you should know

  • On the Auxiliary cameras page, you can associate up to two wheel-imaging cameras with SharpZ3 cameras. Typically, left and right wheel-imaging cameras are associated with left and right SharpZ3 cameras, however, you can also associate one wheel-imaging camera with more than one SharpZ3 camera.
  • If the wheel-imaging cameras are not connected to the AUX PoE expansion module ports, you can pre-associate the ports with the correct SharpZ3 camera units.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. From the Configuration menu, click Cameras > Auxiliary cameras.
  3. For each SharpZ3 Camera unit displayed in the Wheel-imaging camera association section, associate a wheel-imaging camera from the Associated AUX PoE camera menu.
    The Associated AUX PoE camera menu displays the SharpZ3 base unit expansion slot (EXP) and port numbers for each of the installed AUX PoE expansion modules. If the light is green, the camera is connected and accessible.
    Tip: If you are not sure which port a wheel-imaging camera is connected to, check the video feed for the auxiliary cameras in Dashboard > Camera feeds.
    NOTE: The same wheel-imaging camera can be associated with more than one SharpZ3 camera, typically one per car side.
  4. Click Save.

After you finish

  1. If required by local regulations, click Change camera password and modify the password from the default Username: admin and Password: 1234.
    NOTE: If you change the AUX PoE expansion module port connection after you change the password, you must reapply the password.
  2. Configure wheel imaging settings in Genetec Patroller™. For more information, see the Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide.