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By default, the SharpZ3 base unit and modules communicate using their default static IP addresses and no configuration is necessary. If required, you can define new static IP addresses within a specific range.

Before you begin

Learn about SharpZ3 network settings.

What you should know

The IP address range that is assigned to the SharpZ3 system must account for the SharpZ3 base unit and all connected modules.

In an example using a 192.168.0.X range, the following addresses are required when all SharpZ3 expansion slots are in use:

Module Default static IP addres
ALPR module ports 1 and 2
ALPR module ports 3 and 4
EXP 1: Navigation expansion module
EXP 2: AUX PoE expansion module 1 (Port 1) (Port 2) (Port 3) (Port 4)

EXP 3: AUX PoE expansion module 2 (Port 1) (Port 2) (Port 3) (Port 4)


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. From the Configuration menu, select the Network page.
  3. Select Use static IP address.
    The network settings are displayed for the ALPR module for each installed expansion module.
  4. In the IPv4 network settings section, configure the ALPR module network settings, .
    You can modify the following:
    IP address
    Enter the new IP address you want to assign to the ALPR module. The default is (port 1 and 2) and (port 3 and 4).
    Subnet mask
    Enter the new Subnet mask for the ALPR module, if applicable. The default is
    IMPORTANT: When assigning specific IP addresses, ensure the configuration stays compatible with the rest of the system, otherwise the base unit, expansion modules, or aux cameras might be unreachable. For example, it is important that all components be on the same subnet.
    Enter the new Gateway for the ALPR module, if applicable. The default is
    Enter the new DNS for the ALPR module, if applicable. The default is
  5. If the system includes a navigation expansion module, enter its new IP address and update the Subnet mask if required.
  6. If the system includes AUX PoE expansion modules, enter their new IP address and update the Subnet mask if required.
    The AUX PoE expansion modules automatically assigns compatible IP addresses to each PoE port on the same subnet. For example if you configure an AUX PoE expansion module to use the static IP address, then the first PoE port will be, second will be, and so on.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If the ALPR module includes four camera ports, log on to Sharp Portal 2 and enter the new static IP address for the second pair of camera ports.
    A two-camera ALPR module is configured through one Sharp Portal; a four-camera ALPR module is configured through two Sharp Portals.
    Sharp Portal 1 (camera ports 1 and 2)
    Sharp Portal 2 (camera ports 3 and 4)
  9. Click Save.