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If the default exposure settings do not produce acceptable results, you can adjust the SharpZ3 ALPR camera exposure settings.

Before you begin


  1. Place a stationary license plate as close to the camera as possible while still being within range for the camera to capture plate reads.
  2. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  3. From the Configuration menu, click Cameras > Exposure.
  4. From the Cameras menu, click the ALPR camera you want to calibrate.
  5. From the Exposure menu, click Range (outdoor).
    Gain and Exposure time settings are displayed.
    NOTE: The ranges for the Exposure time and Gain settings must be large enough to allow good quality images in all lighting conditions, but you should reduce the range as much as possible. If the range is too large, it increases the risk of over-exposure or under-exposure. It is normal that the SharpZ3 constantly varies the exposure of the ALPR camera in order to get a correct exposure of a plate.
    Tip: If you want to test using specific exposure settings rather than a range, use the Fixed (indoor) configuration from the Exposure menu. However, the setting should be set back to Range (outdoor) for normal operation so that the camera can adapt its exposure to varying lighting conditions.
  6. With the plate close to the camera, set the Gain value to the minimum default value and adjust the Exposure time until you are satisfied with the plate image.
  7. With the plate further from the camera, check to see that the plate is not too dark. If it is, increase the Exposure time.
  8. (Optional) If you reach the maximum possible Exposure time and you are still not satisfied with your plate image, increase the Gain.
  9. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the plate images in the video feed window, click Save.
    The system displays the message Configuration saved successfully.

After you finish

Modifying the exposure settings can greatly impact ALPR performance. Test the system after modifying these settings.