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This section lists the settings found in the Product improvement program page of the Sharp Portal. Use the Product improvement program page to configure the delay period to send images from SharpZ3 camera to servers at Genetec Inc.

To navigate to the Product improvement program page, click Configuration > Connectivity > Product improvement.

The following information is displayed:

Product improvement program

Activate program
Select one of the following activation modes:
Not Active
Select this option if you are not participating in the program.
Always activated (recommended)
Select this option if you are participating in the program. When this option is selected, the SharpZ3 camera sends images to Genetec Inc. cloud systems continuously as long as there is an established connection.
Activated for
Select this option if you want send images for a support case. You can choose a delay period from the menu.
NOTE: When a delay period has been selected and the program is active, an expiration date and time is displayed.
Support case number (optional)
If you activate the program for a support case, enter the support case number provided by Genetec™ Technical Support.
Select the check box to agree to terms and conditions of the product improvement program feature.