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SharpZ3 Administrator Guide 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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This section lists the settings found in the Recovery page of the Sharp Portal. Use the Recovery page to import or export settings and to configure a Syslog server.

To navigate to the Recovery page, click Configuration > General settings > Recovery.

The following information is displayed:


Export diagnostics
Export a file that includes SharpZ3 diagnostics and SharpZ3 settings.
Export settings
Exports configuration and diagnostic settings as a .zip file. You can use the .zip file for technical support, or you can import the settings to another Sharp unit for quick configuration
Import settings
Imports configuration settings from a .zip file exported from another Sharp. You can use this .zip file to quickly configure your Sharp. After you import the settings, the Plate Reader service restarts automatically.
IMPORTANT: You can only import settings from a similar Sharp (same model and SharpOS version).
Reset to factory default
Click to reset the SharpZ3 to use the factory default settings. A message confirms the reset and offers to optionally clear the network settings as well. Note that some settings are never cleared, such as battery settings and certificates.
NOTE: The passwords for auxiliary cameras are not reset during a factory reset. You must reenter the passwords in Configuration > Cameras > Auxiliary cameras


Use Syslog server
Select this option to configure a central repository for all SharpZ3 log entries.
  • Server
    Enter the IP address or name of the server.
    NOTE: Syslog server configurations do not support IPv6 addresses.
  • Port
    Enter the port number of the syslog server.
  • Network protocol
    Select UDP or TCP.