Synchronized SiPass entities and properties - SiPass 3.2

SiPass Plugin Guide 3.2

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SiPass 3.2
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The plugin synchronizes several types of SiPass entities in Security Center, each one with its associated properties.

  • A controller in SiPass is always synchronized with an access control unit and an intrusion detection unit in Security Center.
  • Cardholder groups are synchronized only with SiPass visitor workgroups.
SiPass entity Security Center entity Entity properties in Security Center
Alarm Class Alarm Name
Cardholder Cardholder
Credential Credential
  • Credential information
  • Status
Workgroup Cardholder group
  • Name
  • Group available for visitors
  • Cardholders
Doorset Door
  • Side A reader
  • Side B reader
  • Door lock
Bank Elevator
  • Name
  • Floors
APB Cluster; APB Area Area
  • Name
Area Intrusion detection area
  • Name
  • Description
Unit Access control unit
  • Name
  • Peripherals
  • Time zone
Intrusion detection unit
  • Name
  • Time zone