Connecting to multiple SiPass servers - SiPass 3.3

SiPass Plugin Guide 3.3

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You can create multiple SiPass plugin roles in Security Center to synchronize entities, receive events from, and to send commands to more than one SiPass system simultaneously.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that all the SiPass servers to which Security Center will connect run the same version
  • Make sure that a SiPass plugin is installed on the Genetec servers where you will host the plugin roles.

What you should know

IMPORTANT: Although you can add multiple SiPass plugin roles that point to the same IP address, this must never be done because you will get duplicates of all the SiPass entities. Make sure that each role points to the unique IP address of a SiPass server.


  1. Create a new SiPass plugin role.
    IMPORTANT: When creating multiple SiPass plugin roles, you can use the same database server, but you must create a new database and not reuse the current one, because two roles cannot use the same database.
  2. Configure the plugin role to connect to the SiPass server.
  3. In the Host field, make sure to enter a hostname or IP address that is not already used by another plugin.
  4. In the Port field, make sure to enter a port number that is not already used by another plugin.
  5. Change the port number used on the SiPass server.


Security Center can connect to multiple SiPass servers, and synchronize entities and receive events from each of them simultaneously.