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Synchronization of SiPass entities and events in Security Center is done by the SiPass proxy service when connection is established and in real time when changes are received. The SiPass plugin then synchronizes with the proxy service.

During synchronization, the SiPass plugin is highlighted in yellow in Security Center module.

Three types of synchronization can be performed:

Full synchronization
  • Starts automatically the first time that the SiPass proxy service establishes a connection with the SiPass server.
  • Imports all entities and events from the SiPass server to Security Center.
  • Typically takes more time than real-time synchronization because all entities are first cached by the SiPass proxy service, and then saved to the Security Center database.
Real time synchronization
  • After full synchronization is complete, subsequent changes are received in real time from the SiPass server.
  • Real time synchronization is an automatic process.
  • Typically takes less time because only the changes are being synchronized.
Manual synchronization
  • Is started manually from the plugin role in Config Tool.
  • Performs a full synchronization.
IMPORTANT: To synchronize SiPass credentials with the plugin, you must enable credential synchronization.