How the SiPass plugin works with Security Center - SiPass 3.3

SiPass Plugin Guide 3.3

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SiPass 3.3
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The SiPass plugin, Security Center SDK, and the Security Center Sipass proxy service work together to integrate Siemens SiPass access control systems with Security Center.

SiPass plugin
The SiPass plugin is a software package installed on a Security Center expansion server. It is also installed on all Security Center client workstations from which you want to monitor SiPass entities. The plugin server allows the following:
  • Creation of the SiPass plugin role in Security Center.
  • Synchronization of access control entities, alarms, and events from the proxy to Security Center.
  • Transmission of alarm acknowledgments and commands to the proxy.
SiPass server
The SiPass server runs the Siemens SiPass Integrated software, the Security Center proxy service, and the Security Center SDK.
Security Center proxy
The Genetec Security Center SiPass Proxy Service is a separate software package installed on the SiPass server. The proxy acts as a bridge between the SiPass server and the SiPass plugin, and allows the following:
  • Synchronization of access control entities, alarms and events from SiPass Integrated to the SiPass plugin.
  • Use of a local cache to store the entities, alarms and events received from SiPass Integrated until the plugin requests them.
  • Transmission of alarm acknowledgments and commands to the SiPass Integrated system.
Security Center SDK
The Security Center Software Development Kit (SDK) is required for the proxy to log SiPass alarms and events. The version number of the SDK must match the version number of Security Center installed on the plugin server.