SiPass events and alarms in Security Center reports - SiPass 3.3

SiPass Plugin Guide 3.3

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SiPass 3.3
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Security Center receives events and alarms from SiPass and stores them in the plugin's database.


When generating reports, you can query for past events and alarms received from SiPass. However, you cannot do the following:

  • Query for past events that are being ignored.
  • Query for past events that occurred when Security Center was disconnected from SiPass. These events are not captured in the plugin database, and so they are not displayed in Security Desk, nor are they available in the reports.
  • Query for past alarms that were activated and acknowledged while Security Center was disconnected from SiPass.

Security Center reports that contain SiPass events

Information on SiPass events and alarms are displayed in the following Security Center reports:

  • Cardholder activities
  • Door activities
  • Elevator activities
  • Area activities
  • Intrusion detection area activities
  • Access control unit events
  • Intrusion detection unit events
  • Alarm report
  • System status
    • Access control units
    • Areas
    • Doors
    • Elevators
    • Intrusion detection area
    • Intrusion detection units
  • The Hardware inventory report is omitted from the list above because it shows SiPass units, but without additional information being provided in the report columns.
  • Because custom events only provide a single Description field, they cannot show all the information associated with the SiPass event. For example, Good Access events triggered in Security Center will not show cardholder details.