Known issues in Sipelia™ 2.9 GA - Sipelia™ 2.9 GA

Sipelia Release Notes 2.9 GA

Sipelia™ 2.9 GA
Release notes

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 897737 If, on the network interface that is used by Sipelia™ Security Desk or the Sipelia™ plugin, the IPv6 protocol is enabled (in addition to IPv4) and this interface has an operational IPv6 address, then by default, RabbitMQ uses the IPv6 connection. As a result, Sipelia™ Security Desk and the Sipelia™ plugin cannot connect to the Message broker.
  1. Disable IPv6 on the network interface in use.
  2. In the Sipelia™ plugin Message broker servers list in Config Tool, enter the server address in IPv6 format.
Siedle 873119 If one or more Siedle intercoms that work behind the Siedle Access Server have the same extensions as any Sipelia™ entity, then audio issues might be observed. This issue can occur if, for example, on the Sipelia™ side, a Security Center user is assigned to extension 1001, and on the Siedle Access server, one of the intercoms also has extension 1001. This problem is independent of the dial-plan rules and the trunk configuration between Sipelia™ and Siedle systems. This issue applies to Siedle Access Server V.4.0.0 Build 1056.

Workaround: Change the configuration of Sipelia™ and/or Siedle Access Server so that they avoid using of same extensions.