Adding SIP intercom objects to a map - Sipelia™ 2.10

Sipelia User Guide 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

You can add SIP intercom objects to your maps so that they are displayed in Security Desk and can be used by the operators to make and receive calls.

What you should know

Maps are enabled in Security Center 5.4 and later.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Map designer task.
  2. Select a map.
  3. Navigate to the location on the map where you want to add the SIP intercom object.
  4. From the Entities list in the toolbar, select Area view ().
  5. From the Area view list, drag the SIP intercom to the required location on the map.
  6. Adjust the size, position, and orientation of the SIP intercom object with the mouse. From the panel displayed on the right, you can make precise adjustments to the size and position coordinates of the SIP intercom icon.
  7. Click Apply.
    The SIP intercom now appears on the map in the Security Desk Maps task. Make a test call to the SIP intercom to test functionality.