Associating Security Center cameras with users - Sipelia™ 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

To extend your monitoring capabilities within Security Desk, you can associate Security Center cameras users that have SIP accounts, so that the live video stream from Security Center cameras is displayed during active phone calls between these users.

What you should know

Video streams from a Security Center camera do not require a SIP connection, and are therefore not considered video calls. To configure video calls between SIP entities, you must configure the required audio and video devices in Security Desk.

As opposed to SIP intercoms, which allow you to associate cameras, doors, zones, and output devices to them, you can only associate a camera to a Security Center user.


  1. From the Config Tool open the User Management task.
  2. Select a user from the list.
  3. Click the VoIP tab.
  4. In the Associated entities section, click Add an entity ().
  5. In the Entity association wizard search for and select the camera entity that you want to associate to your user, and then click Next. If you select a PTZ camera, you can select the PTZ preset whose video stream you want to appear during an active call.

  6. Confirm your selection by clicking Next, and then Apply.
  7. Once the Entity association wizard has closed, click Apply to save your changes.
    The entity that you selected appears in the list of associated entities.
  8. (Optional) To configure the associated entity that you added, click .
  9. (Optional) Associate custom events to call states or Sipelia entity states.
  10. Associate additional cameras to your user by repeating the steps above.


The camera you have selected is linked to the user. During an active call, the live video stream from this camera appears in the conversation window or Security Desk tile of the users with which this user is communicating. If you have associated multiple cameras, users are able to switch between the different video streams.


Let's assume that you have associated the following two cameras to user Charles: Front Building Entrance and Emergency Exit. As shown in the following image, when Charles is in an active call with Security Center users, those users can switch between the live video streams of both cameras.