Audio and video not being recorded during Sipelia™ calls - Sipelia™ 2.10

Sipelia User Guide 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

If you can see video during SIP video calls but you have no recording in the database, you might have recording options that are not configured properly.


  1. Make sure that your license supports the recording of call sessions.
  2. Log on to Security Center with Config Tool.
  3. Select the Sipelia™ plugin role, and then click Recording.
  4. Make sure that User recording and Device recording are enabled.
  5. If you have no recording associated with specific users, open the Security task, and then select the user entity involved in the issue.
  6. In the VoIP page, make sure that the Record audio and video property is turned on or inherits the default value from the Sipelia™ plugin role.
  7. If you still have problems recording call sessions, try restarting the Genetec Server.