Call Report task does not replay the selected session - Sipelia™ 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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When trying to replay a Sipelia™ session in the Security Desk Call report task, the selected session does not replay properly.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the correct privileges to view recorded video in Security Center.
  • It is recommended to use a physical machine to run the Security Desk Call report task.

What you should know

The Call report task is a service that allows users to replay and investigate archived calls. The Sipelia™ archive mechanism combines different kinds of events from the client side and the server (call status changed, recording started, door unlocked, DTMF tone sent) and stores them accordingly with the audio and video recordings. The recordings include the audio and video stream from the peripherals of call participants as well as the Security Center Archiver recordings from the camera entities that were attached to call participants.


  • Check if the sound device is present and configured properly in your operating system.
  • If a particular session is not present in the report and should be according to the filters, or if session events are out of order, be sure that the time is synchronized between the machine that hosts the Sipelia™ plugin role and the machine that hosts Security Desk in that session.
  • If you are connecting by a Remote Desktop or Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection, to access the machine on which Call Report is used, try another physical machine.
  • If the video from associated camera entities is not replayed, check if the Archiver role is running without any warnings or errors. If the Archiver role state is correct, check if a given camera recording on a specific time frame is present inside the Archiver. It's possible that during the call time, the Archive role was offline.
  • If the audio or video from call participants does not replay, check if the particular recording files exist in the Sipelia™ recording folder: Config Tool > Sipelia™ role > Recording tab. If the recording files do not exist, then during the call no audio and video stream was recognized by Sipelia™ Plugin. Check the audio/video peripherals of the call participants. Confirm, on the machine that hosts the Sipelia™ plugin role, if audio and video RTP stream is properly received by the Sipelia™server.
  • Call report task downloads the recording files by TCP connection on the port number configurable in Config Tool > Sipelia™ role > General tab > Session Transfer port. Check if there is a network connectivity problem between the client that runs Report Task and the machine that hosts the Sipelia™ plugin role. Also verify if Sipelia™ Plugin can access the configured Sipelia™ recording folder if it is located on a network share storage.
  • In the Security task, Privileges page, make sure that the View playback privilege is allowed.