Creating the Sipelia™ plugin role - Sipelia™ 2.10

Sipelia User Guide 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

Once you have installed Sipelia™ Server on a Security Center server machine, you can create the Sipelia™ plugin role in Config Tool.

Before you begin

Make sure that Sipelia™ Server is installed.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Click () Add an entity, and select Plugin.
    The Creating a role: Plugin wizard appears.
  3. In the Server drop-down list, select the server that is going to host the Sipelia™ Server role.
  4. In the Select plugin type field, select Sipelia™.
  5. Enter the values for Database server and Database for the Sipelia™ database, or use the default values which are already provided.
  6. Click Next, enter the entity name and description, and then select the desired partition for this role.
  7. Click Next and check that the information that you have entered is correct.
  8. Click Create, and then click Close.


Sipelia™ appears in the list of plugin roles (). It might take a few minutes for the role to create its database.