Defining the ranges of SIP phone extensions - Sipelia™ 2.10

Sipelia User Guide 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

Before assigning a SIP extension for a given user, ring group, or SIP intercom, you can define multiple ranges of SIP extensions, and then choose a different range for each SIP entity.

Before you begin

If deploying Sipelia™, configure the SIP port of Sipelia Server.

What you should know

The phone extension ranges are sets of SIP extensions from which you can assign an extension number to each of your SIP entities. Each extension range must have a default password for the extensions, you can only have a maximum of 1000 extensions per range, and you must have a minimum of one defined extension range to be able to connect a SIP entity to Sipelia™. By default, Sipelia™ provides five extension ranges (Range 1 to Range 5), each with a default password of 1234.


  1. Log on to Security Center with Config Tool.
  2. Select the Sipelia™ plugin role, and then click General.
  3. Note the extension ranges that are already defined, and decide on how to assign them to your various SIP entities.
  4. To add an extension range, click Add range.
  5. Enter the following:
    The start value of the SIP extension range. The start value must be unique and cannot be greater than the end value.
    The end value of the SIP extension range. The end value must be unique and cannot be less than the start value.
    A phrase that describes the range, and perhaps indicates what SIP entity the range is reserved for.
    Default password
    The password for every SIP extension within the range. All SIP entities whose respective extensions lie within this range must know this password. Every SIP endpoint, such as softphones and SIP intercoms, that needs to connect to the Synergis™ Server must have this password value (along with the extension) in their respective configurations.
    Confirm password
    The confirmation of the default password. Values in both password fields must match.
    NOTE: The start and end values for the extension ranges are inclusive.
  6. Click Add, and then click Apply.


As shown in the following image, let's assume that you want to define an extension range reserved solely for Security Center users, and you want to limit the number of extensions to 50. Add a unique extension range that spans 50 numbers, and then enter a default password that applies to every extension within this range. When configuring SIP accounts for your Security Center users, you can assign each user an extension number within this new range, but you can only assign a maximum of 50 users to this range.