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Sipelia™ Communications Management

Sipelia™ requires a set of licenses that allow the installation and use of the plugin in Security Center and to enable more advanced features.

Sipelia™ requires the following licenses:
The base system license is required to install the Sipelia™ plugin on Security Center and to allow the operators to make and receive calls.
The standard license allows a SIP device (such as a SIP intercom) to be used in Security Center, whether it registers directly to Sipelia™ Server or is made available via a SIP trunk. You need one standard license per SIP device that you will be adding to your system.
The advanced license enables the recording of call sessions and failover of the Sipelia™ plugin role to a second server when needed. You need one advanced license for each standard license that you will be adding to your system.
NOTE: If the standard and advanced license counts do not match, the system will choose the lower count for both types of licenses, as shown in the example below.
The trunk license allows you to add and configure a SIP trunk. You need one trunk license for each SIP trunk that you will be adding to your system.
The Public Address functionality allows you to broadcast a live or pre-recorded message to any SIP entity managed by Sipelia™. You can use a maximum of 1 public address license per system.
The following sample license shows how the system will apply the license counts when they do not match:
License type Number of licenses installed Number of licenses applied
GSC-Sipelia-Base 1 1
GSC-Sipelia-1SIP-STD 100 50
GSC-Sipelia-1SIP-ADV 50 50
GSC-Sipelia-1Trunk 4 4
GSC-Sipelia-1PA 1 1