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Once dial plan rules have been defined in the .csv file and a SIP trunk has been added, you must import the dial plan files into Config Tool so that the rules can be applied accordingly.

What you should know

If you delete () a dial plan rule that you have imported, the rule is no longer available to the dial plan system of Sipelia™ Server. If you want the deleted rule to be available again, you must reimport the dial plan file which contains the rule. If you want the dial plan system to no longer apply a rule, simply make the rule inactive, and keep it as part of your imported rules in case you ever want to reapply the rule again.

When updating a dial plan rule that has already been imported once, you do not need to delete the existing rule from the Dial plans page. In the dial plan file, simply make the necessary changes to the rule, make sure not to change the name of the rule, and then reimport the rule. Upon import, dial plan rules with new names get added to the list of rules; those whose names are already part of the list, are simply updated.


  1. Log on to Security Center with Config Tool.
  2. Select the Sipelia™ plugin role, and then click Dial plans.
  3. Click Import dial plan rules from file ().
  4. Select the dial plan file, and then click OK.
    The dial plan is imported, and the rules contained within your file appear on separate lines on the Dial plans page.
    IMPORTANT: If a dial plan rule does not have the correct number of comma-separated values, the rule is not imported and an error is generated.
  5. If your dial plan file contains issues, click the Show errors and warnings button to open the Parser result window.
    This window classifies the issues by type (error or warning), and provides information on each issue. Warnings do not need to be corrected, but errors do. Simply modify the dial plan file accordingly, and then reimport the file.
  6. For each dial plan rule that you import, you can edit the following:
    The Security Center schedule that defines when this rule must be in effect. The rule is applied only if the schedule condition is met.
    The status of the rule. Only Active rules are applied.
  7. (Optional) To change the order in which the dial plan rules are applied, use the arrow buttons to move the rules up or down.
  8. Click Apply.