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If there is no audio, or if you are experiencing poor audio quality when making Sipelia™ calls, it might be possible to improve audio quality by using a different audio codec, and by verifying the RTP packet size defined for the SIP intercoms.

Before you begin

What you should know

  • Enabling and disabling video and audio codecs is done through an XML configuration file. In this file, you can find the following XML elements: AudioCodecs and VideoCodecs. The Codec element within them contains the Enabled attribute that defines the state of each codec.
  • Audio quality in Sipelia™ depends on the audio codec that you selected. If required, you can enable high-quality audio.
  • In cases where both sides of the communication use a different codec, Sipelia™ Server transcodes the media stream to ensure that communication is still possible.

No audio:

  • Intercoms can support one or multiple audio codecs. The most commonly used audio codecs are PCMA, PCMU, and G722. Research the audio quality and network usage associated with the supported codecs.
  • Sipelia™ supports several audio codecs. SIP intercoms must support at least one of the codecs that are supported by Sipelia™.
  • If changing the codecs on the Sipelia™ Server does not resolve the issue, you might need to configure the audio codecs used by the SIP intercoms. To investigate this, refer to the configuration page of each SIP intercom. You can also run a Wireshark capture to verify which codecs each device is using.

Distorted audio:

  • All systems that you use with Sipelia™ (intercoms, servers, hardware, and software) should use an RTP packet size if 20 ms. Refer the documentation provided with the intercom hardware to see if the RTP packet size is configurable.
  • In Security Desk the noise and echo cancelation is turned on by default. With some particular environment and intercom units, the final call audio level is too low to be played properly by the intercom speaker. In that case you can turn off the noise and audio cancelation by editing the UserOptions.xml configuration file. To configure the XML file:
    • Locate the IsNoiseAndEchoCancellationEnabled XML element (in %PROGRAMDATA%\Genetec Sipelia folder) and change the value from True to False.
    • The following code shows how to use this feature.

    • Restart Security Desk to apply the change.
  • The distorted audio maybe also be caused by particular audio codec. Reconfigure the system to use a different audio codec, then test the system and evaluate the audio quality. If the audio quality is poor, enable a different audio codec and perform another audio quality test.


  1. Enable or disable codecs as required.
  2. Test the system and evaluate the audio quality. If the audio quality is poor, enable a different audio codec and perform another audio quality test.