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A ring group is a group of SIP entities that has its own unique SIP phone extension. All entities (or members) within a ring group are part of a call list, and all members get called when the ring group extension is called.

In Security Center, a ring group can include any combination of the following entities: users, user groups, nested ring groups, and SIP devices. The members of a ring group can either be called all at once, or successively at a set interval. The call stops ringing when any one of the members within a call list answers the call.
NOTE: Security Center user groups in a ring group do not need unique extensions, but each user entity included in the ring group must provide one. If users and SIP devices do not have a SIP extension, they are bypassed when the ring group that they are a part of is called.

User ring groups

A user ring group is a Security Center user group that can only include Security Center users and other Security Center user groups.

A user ring group has the following characteristics:

  • It can be assigned its own unique SIP extension.
  • To receive a call, users that are part of a user ring group must have their own dedicated SIP extension.
  • When the extension is dialed, all members of the user group set with a SIP extension are called.