Viewing the inventory of VoIP entities - Sipelia™ 2.10

Sipelia User Guide 2.10

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Sipelia™ 2.10
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Sipelia™ Communications Management

Using the VoIP inventory reporting task, you can view a list of all SIP entities and all Security Center users with SIP accounts in your system. You can use the information in this report to manage your system and to troubleshoot issues.

What you should know

  • To update the report after it has been generated, click Refresh ( ).
  • You can edit an entity directly from the report by selecting the entity and clicking Go to the configuration page of this entity ( ).
  • A Save button ( ) is included in the VoIP inventory task, however, the XML file that is exported is generally only used by Genetec Inc. Support personnel.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the VoIP inventory task.
  2. From the Filter by type drop-down list, select which entities you want to include in the report.
    The entities and their properties are listed in the report pane. You can use the information in the report to manage your system and to troubleshoot issues. For example, you can see in the report if any SIP users do not have an assigned extension.