What's new in Sipelia™ 2.11 GA - Sipelia™ 2.11 GA

Sipelia™ Release Notes 2.11 GA

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Sipelia™ 2.11 GA
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Sipelia™ 2.11 GA includes the following new features.

Text to Speech option
There is a new option available for public addressing. You can now broadcast dynamic messages from text using the Windows language feature.
Server settings for SRTP
There is a new setting for SRTP in the server config file.
Configuration of STUN servers
There is a new setting for STUN server usage. It is configurable in the server config file.
SDK Request Manager replaces RabbitMQ
Refactor client and server message now use the SDK Request Manager instead of RabbitMQ.
Call Forwarding
You can now temporarily forward calls to a different extension.
Support for Sipelia™ with Genetec™ Update Service
Sipelia™ is now supported in Genetec™ Update Service (GUS). GUS can detect new versions of Sipelia™ and provide updates.
Custom Fields in Address Book
Custom contact details are now available in the Address Book. When you select the new field Show Details, it includes any custom details that have been defined.
SDK Request Manager replaces WCF
Refactor now uses SDK Request Manager. WCF is no longer required to configure a service port.
Support for Windows 2019
Sipelia™ now supports Windows Server 2019.
Upgrade for SDK
Upgrade Genetec™ SDK. The minimum required version of Security Center is 5.7 SR5.