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Sipelia™ 2.11 SR1 includes the following known limitations.

NOTE: Former issue IDs are shown in parentheses.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 2133298 You cannot assign a favorite to any contact that is not a user or device. The Favorites icon exists for all contacts in the contact list, but when hovered over, it notifies you if the feature is disabled for the contact. For example, it is disabled for ring groups, workstations, and paging zones.
All 2118528 If a call to a local ring group is picked up by a member behind a trunk, and that member is in MRE or the member’s extension is a ring group on the trunk, the call is not established.
All 1958399 When you change the time setting during a call, it results in an inaccurate call duration entry in the Call Report task.
All 1957764 When a nested ring group is empty, the Belongs to ring group information does not display in the VoIP inventory report.
All 1955709 The dial plan rule is not applied when calling a nested ring group extension. The call is not redirected and there are no logs.
All 1767436 (Call report task) The Duration, Participants, and Session events filters do not include sessions generated by Sipelia™ 2.6 GA or earlier.
Workaround: To view sessions generated by Sipelia™ 2.6 GA or earlier, use the Time range filter.
All 1758968 (Call report task) When replaying a session with hold and video from a Security Center camera (2.6 GA or earlier), the audio stream will continue to play during the hold time, but the video will not. As a result, the session playback will finish before the end of video is reached.
Workaround: You can replay the entire video stream by clicking the progress bar after the end of hold time indicator.
All 1758945 (Call report task) When replaying an audio\video session with transfer (2.6 GA or earlier), the video stream playback will stop at the transfer moment.
Workaround: You can replay the video by clicking the progress bar after the transfer indicator, if the video stream is coming from SIP session and not from Security Center camera.
All 1758900 (Call report task) When replaying an audio-only session with hold (2.6 GA or earlier), the audio stream will continue to play when the progress bar reaches the orange hold time area. As a result, the session replay will finish before the progress bar reaches the end.
All 1589174 If a user establishes a quick transfer call to a ring group number he is a member of, then he will also receive the call. Accepting this call during the operation will create a loop.
All 1589169 A manual transfer is not established if a user is already in a call with the Quick Transfer destination.
All 1589164 When performing a quick transfer and the caller or recipient hang-up the call before the transfer is established, then the associated cameras display in Monitoring Task.
Workaround: Do not hang-up during the Quick Transfer process.
All 945173 Sipelia™ does not support the G.723 standard speech codec. The G.723 codec is obsolete and has been superseded by the G.726 codec.
All 941841 The display state of the webcam/camera attached to a user is not synchronized.
Workaround: Enable and disable the camera feed independently.
All 940031 In the Config Tool Map designer task, intercom devices are displayed in the Shapes layer. If you hide the Shapes layer, intercom entities are not visible.
All 934510 It is not possible to edit passwords for a range of SIP extensions.
Workaround: Recreate the range of SIP extensions or change the password on the specific devices.
All 570761 When you change an intercom's display icon in the Area view task, adding the same intercom in the Map designer task displays the default display icon.
All 469636 When upgrading from Sipelia™ version 2.0 or earlier installed on Security Center version 5.3 or earlier towards a new Security Center version, Sipelia™ does not work.
Workaround: You need to delete the Sipelia™ plugin before upgrading Security Center. You can then upgrade Sipelia™ and make it use the previous database.
All 277831 When restoring the Sipelia™ database, if the stored recording folder path cannot be created on the machine on which the restore operation is performed, then the Sipelia™ plugin does not start.
All 265108 (198171) (Call report task) When using a Remote Desktop Connection or Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection, users cannot watch video call sessions in the Call report task. This is a known Microsoft issue.
All 237473 (Security Desk) New incoming calls are not displayed in tiles when all the tiles are already used.

Workaround: Use the call dialog box, change the Sipelia™ options in Security Desk to receive new calls in popup windows, or select a tile pattern that provides additional tiles.

All 221212 (Call report task) Cannot play back video from previous call sessions when Security Desk is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Desktop Experience feature enabled. As stated by Microsoft: "This problem occurs because the Desktop Experience feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 does not include decoders for the H.264 and AAC formats."

To resolve this issue, install the "Update for Desktop Experience Decoder for Windows Server 2008 R2" (KB2483177).

All 221159 When an intercom is deleted, the number of intercom connections permitted is not properly updated.