Known issues in Sipelia™ 2.12 GA - Sipelia™ 2.12 GA

Sipelia™ Release Notes 2.12 GA

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Sipelia™ 2.12 GA
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Sipelia™ 2.12 GA includes the following known issues.

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Siedle 873119 If one or more Siedle intercoms that work behind the Siedle Access Server have the same extensions as any Sipelia™ entity, then audio issues might be observed. This issue can occur if, for example, on the Sipelia™ side, a Security Center user is assigned to extension 1001, and on the Siedle Access server, one of the intercoms also has extension 1001. This problem is independent of the dial-plan rules and the trunk configuration between Sipelia™ and Siedle systems. This issue applies to Siedle Access Server V.4.0.0 Build 1056.

Workaround: Change the configuration of Sipelia™ and/or Siedle Access Server so that they avoid using of same extensions.