Adding Talkaphone VOIP-500 devices in Security Center for Sipelia - Sipelia 2.11 - 2.13

Sipelia™ Talkaphone VOIP-500 VoIP Device Integration Guide

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Sipelia 2.11 - 2.13
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To use Talkaphone VOIP-500 intercoms with Sipelia™, you must add the device as an SIP intercom in Security Center.

  1. From the Config Tool homepage, select the Sipelia plugin role.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click Add intercom.

  3. Enter the device name and click Add.

    The configuration page of the intercom opens.

  4. Click the VoIP tab and assign an SIP extension and password to your SIP intercom to authenticate the intercom.

    To communicate with other SIP endpoints, every SIP intercom in Security Center must have a unique SIP extension assigned to it. The recommended approach is to automatically assign the extension. Or, you can also assign the extension manually.

    • Click Auto-assign and choose an existing range of phone extensions.
      The SIP intercom is automatically assigned to the next available phone extension in the range and the correct password for the range is populated.

    • Assign the extension manually:

      • SIP extension: The phone extension of the SIP intercom.

      • Password: The password for the extension. This password was specified when creating the extension range. Each SIP extension within a given range has its password automatically set to match the default password for that range.

  1. Click Apply ().

After you finish

Register the Talkaphone VOIP-500 device to the Sipelia Server.