Creating intrusion detection areas for Southwest Microwave RPM II perimeters - Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0

Southwest Microwave RPM II Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.0

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Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0
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Southwest Microwave RPM II

So that you can monitor your Southwest Microwave RPM II perimeters, create an intrusion detection area for each perimeter and assign all of the inputs related to a sensor and auxiliary unit for that perimeter.

What you should know

When you want to assign cameras at intervals along a perimeter, create an area for each perimeter input.
NOTE: For a MicroPoint and MicroTrack perimeter, an input defines a group of cells on a segment of cable. Inputs are created by adding markers to the segments, as described in Defining Southwest Microwave RPM II perimeters.


  1. From the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Click Add an entity () > Show all > Intrusion detection area.
  3. In the Basic information page, enter a name and description for the area.
  4. Select a Partition this area is a member of, and click Next.

    Partitions determine which Security Center users have access to this entity. Only users that are part of the partition can view or modify the intrusion detection area.

  5. From the Intrusion detection unit drop-down list, select the intrusion detection unit to control this area.
  6. Click Next > Create > Close.
  7. Add all of the inputs related to this area by doing the following for each:
    1. On the Properties page, click .
    2. Select an input from the list.
    3. Click Select.
    4. Click Apply.


Adding inputs to an intrusion detection area for a Southwest Microwave perimeter

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