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To notify you about the status of your Axis cameras, review the Axis camera's status LED indicator when a One Click enabled device fails to connect to Stratocast™.

Axis camera status LED error indications

When a One Click enabled device fails to connect to Stratocast™, the devices status LED indicator flashes to indicate the problem.

Indicator Description
1 Amber/off flash Host or net unreachable. Possible causes include the following:
  • No connection to the router.
  • No DHCP server.
  • User not logged in to the Internet.
  • The ISP only has a limited number of IP addresses available.
2 Amber/off flashes DNS error. A possible cause is that DNS has not been set by DHCP or manual IP configuration.
3 Amber/off flashes Connection timed out. The camera cannot reach Stratocast™. Consider the following:
  • Is there a proxy blocking the traffic?
  • Can the NAT router handle all connections?
  • Is Stratocast™ available?
1 Amber/green flash Connection refused. Is Stratocast™ available?
2 Amber/green flashes Connection reset.
4 Amber/green flashes Camera connected, but the system could not register the camera.
5 Amber/off flashes Other error.