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The Federation™ feature joins multiple, independent Genetec™ IP security systems into a single virtual system. With this feature, users on the central Security Center system can view and control entities that belong to remote systems.

How it works in Stratocast™

In Stratocast™, you can use a Security Center Federation™ role to connect your Stratocast™ cameras to a Security Center system. For example, as shown in the following image, the two client cameras that are connected to Stratocast™ are being federated to the Security Center server through the Federation™ role, and appear on the client's local installation of Security Desk.

Federating Stratocast™ cameras

You can add an unlimited number of Federation™ users per client account. From their local version of Security Desk, clients that are assigned as Federation™ users can do the following with their cameras:
  • View live and playback video
  • Add bookmarks
  • Start and stop video recording
  • Export video
  • Control their PTZ cameras
  • Axis ACAP only
IMPORTANT: When exporting video in a federated system, the exported video file is stored on the client's local system, not in the Stratocast™ vault. Only video that is exported in Stratocast™ gets stored in the vault.