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To improve data privacy, integrator-level users are now restricted from accessing client accounts by default.

What has changed?

Previously, it was possible for an integrator user to access any client account by clicking the icon next to an account.

This function has been changed so that all client accounts with cameras move to the restricted state at midnight Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) every day. When the restricted state is active, the icon is displayed.

What if I need to access a customer's cameras for technical or support issues?

Access to customer cameras is still possible, but the client account must be unrestricted by a client administrator user before the account can be viewed by an integrator.

How do I know who the client administrator is?

You can quickly and easily verify the client administrator information as follows:
  1. Check your Clients page in the Stratocast™ portal.
  2. In the Administrator column, click the name of an administrator to display their profile details including their username and email address.

How does the client administrator turn off the privacy setting?

The client administrator is the only user who can access the Configurations page in the clients portal.
  1. Click Configurations () and then click the Privacy tab.
  2. Select the Allow my service provider and Genetec to access my portal check box.
The integrator is now able to access the client account and the account icon changes to .
Tip: You might need to refresh the page before the change is reflected.

What if my client wants me to monitor their cameras on a regular basis?

In this situation different actions are required because the changes described in the previous section are not a permanent solution and are reverted within 24 hours.

Best Practice: Speak to your client about creating a dedicated client-level user for monitoring purposes. If this is not possible, you can request that your account be added to the privacy setting exclusion list. For more information, contact StratocastCommercial@Genetec.com.

Do privacy settings have any impact on federated accounts?

No, privacy settings only apply to the Stratocast™ web portal. There is no impact on Federation™ or remote monitoring users.

What if I have more questions?

Contact StratocastCommercial@Genetec.com if you have any additional points or concerns that you want to discuss.