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Some video units are equipped with digital inputs and outputs, which allow you to connect external devices to your video units and control these devices from your workstation.

Inputs and outputs (I/Os) appear on a video unit's I/O terminal connector (or block). Typically, a video unit is equipped with either two or four inputs and outputs on their respective I/O terminal connectors. Along with input and output ports, video units also have an auxiliary power port and another for ground. On some video units, the input and output ports are configurable; that is, they can be configured as either inputs or outputs, while on other units, the ports are fixed and cannot be reconfigured. For example, on a video unit that has two configurable input/output ports, both ports can be configured as outputs.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended to follow the hardware requirements and wiring diagrams supplied by your video unit manufacturer whenever connecting and configuring external devices to your video units.

You can connect many different types of external devices to the input/output ports of your video unit. A device's purpose and behavior is what distinguishes it from being either an input device or an output device. For example, on the input side, you can connect an external device that allows you to detect actions or movements, such as a door contact or motion detector. On the output side you can activate an external device as a response to what was detected by the device on the input port. In addition, digital outputs can be configured to activate and deactivate automatically, or manually from the user's software application.

How it works in Stratocast™

Stratocast™ only supports output ports, not inputs; that is, you can only control external devices that are connected to the output ports of your video units. By following the hardware requirements and wiring diagrams supplied by your video unit manufacturer, you can connect and configure an external device, such as a light or siren, to one of the output ports on a video unit. Once configured, users can manually activate and deactivate these external devices directly from their Stratocast™ portals (Silverlight video player).