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The Stratocast™ monthly invoice combines subscriptions from all client accounts. It is produced on the 15th of each month, or the closest day to the 15th if it falls on a weekend.

Stratocast™ billing cycle

Monthly invoices can include the following items:
  • New client accounts and their respective subscriptions since the last invoice
  • Subscriptions that were added to an existing client account since the last invoice
  • Subscriptions that were modified or upgraded since the last invoice
  • Subscriptions that will be up for renewal the following month
NOTE: A new client account is invoiced only after the first subscription has been activated

Subscription terms and renewals

Every Stratocast™ client account is bound by a contractual term that sets the price for their subscriptions. Contractual terms can be monthly or yearly.

All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of their term. Subscriptions are paid up front according to their contractual term and there are no credits or refunds upon early cancellation.
NOTE: If you do not want to automatically renew, you must cancel your subscription, by deleting the camera before the end of the term.

Pro-rating calculation for add-ons and upgrades

Subscriptions that are added to an account before the renewal are charged according to the time remaining on that term by using a prorating formula.

For example, if a camera subscription is added to a client account that has 100 days remaining on a yearly term, and the price for a full year subscription is $100, then the price for this add-on will be: $100 x (100 days / 365 days) = $27.40.

Subscription upgrades are calculated by taking the new subscription price minus the existing subscription price and prorating the difference for the remainder of that term.


To make it easier to reconcile Stratocast™ invoices with your own financial system, each Stratocast™ invoice includes a .CSV file with all of the invoice details. Each subscription is represented by at least one row in the .CSV file. In this example, all the lines on the invoice are for one camera (CAM-1). CAM-1 was added to the Client Account by admin@testaccount.com. It was added on the Basic plan (ST-BAS-1M-) and has 53 extra days of basic plan retention (ST-B1D-1M-*). The first 2 lines prorate the first month because the camera was not added at the start of the term. The second and third month are charged as ST-BAS-1M-R1M and STB1D-1M-R1M.

Client Reference Number
A number assigned to each entry in the file.
Tip: Use Client Reference Number as a unique key to cross reference your customer records with the Stratocast™ invoice by entering it in the Stratocast™ portal.
Client Activation Date
The date when the first camera is added to that client account. When a client account is created, it does not receive a Client Activation Date until the first camera is added to the account.

The Client Activation Date and the Term Start Date set the date for the billing cycle. For example, if the Client Activation Date is 6/2/2016 then Term Start Date will always be on the second day of every month.

Transaction Date
The date when any camera is added to the client account. If it is not on the same day as the Term Start Date, then an add-on line item is charged. You can recognize this item by the part number; it always ends with ...ADD. The amount is prorated to fit the billing cycle of the client account. On the first row of the preceding example, the Term Start Date is 11/3/2017 and the Transaction Date is 11/16/2017 with a Part Number of ST-BAS-1M-ADD; The MSRP for that line item was 6.60, whereas a *- R1M part number is 11.95 MSRP.
The ID of the person who performed the transaction. Note that the Username is not included on renewal line items because renewals are automatic, and no user intervention is required. If you want to find out who added a camera, review the invoice where the camera was first added.

Part number details

The following table defines the different segments of a Stratocast™ subscription part number. For example, Part Number ST-BAS-1M-ADD is Stratocast™ Basic Monthly term Add-on.
  Selected Plan Billing frequency Activation type
Stratocast (ST) Edge (EDG) Annual Term (1Y) Add-on (ADD)
  Basic (BAS) Monthly Term (1M) Upgrade (UPP)
  Standard (STD)   Annual Renewal (R1Y)
  Premium (PRE)   Monthly Renewal (R1M)
      New Monthly Plan (N1M)
      New Annual Plan (N1Y)