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Once an external device has been connected and configured to an output port on your camera, you can manually activate the device directly from your Stratocast™ portal.

Before you begin

  • Add a video unit that has an integrated input/output (I/O) terminal connector.
  • Connect an external device to an output port on your video unit's I/O terminal connector. Stratocast™ only supports output ports, not inputs; that is, you can only control external devices that are connected to the output ports of your video units.
    IMPORTANT: It is recommended to follow the hardware requirements and wiring diagrams supplied by your video unit manufacturer whenever connecting and configuring external devices to your video units.
  • Configure the output device through the video unit's web page. Refer to the product documentation of the video unit for details.

What you should know

If your video unit is equipped with multiple outputs, you can connect and control multiple external devices from your video unit. Once configured, each external device is assigned a numbered suffix, which corresponds to the port on the I/O terminal connector that the device is connected to.

You can connect many different types of external devices to the output ports of your video unit. Typical examples of external devices that you can connect are: sirens, lights (LEDs and infrared lamps), and doorbells.


  1. On the View page, select a tile whose camera is streaming live video, and then click Camera options () (Silverlight video player).
    Only camera options that are supported by your camera appear in the Camera options drop-down menu. If your camera does not support any of the available options, this menu does not appear.
  2. Click one of the available Activate output relay buttons.
    NOTE: The button's label includes a numbered suffix, which corresponds to the port on the I/O terminal connector that the relay is connected to.
    The external device is activated. For example, if a light is connected to a your camera's output port and it is configured to turn on upon activating the output relay, the light turns on once you click Activate output relay.
  3. To deactivate the external device, click the Deactivate output relay button that corresponds to the device.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.